More Life Happens Here

Neal Hughlett

The number of restaurants out there nowadays is mind-boggling.

And for a brand like Chili’s in this current economy, that means there’s never been a more pressing need – or better opportunity – to define its identity and values to potential customers.

So that’s precisely what we helped our client do.

Upon discovering what a passionate and widespread fan base Chili’s has – as graphically exhibited on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest – we realized that these “loyalists” were our greatest asset in helping distinguish Chili’s from the competition.

So we used these people’s very own pictures, posts, tweets and comments as the catalyst for our new branding platform, “More Life Happens Here.”

The line speaks to the stories that are shared, the connections that are made, and the food and drinks that help fuel the vibrancy that defines the Chili’s dining experience.

The launch spots for this campaign were shot by Lisa Rubisch of Park Pictures, using individual tables at specific restaurants to convey what happened over the course of one day.

And unlike in past work, the majority of people we feature in this new work are not professional actors, but “real people” – family members, neighbors and friends whose real-life common bonds add an unmistakable level of authenticity to our storylines.

In addition, we used the classic R&B song “Bar-B-Q” from Stax recording artist Wendy Rene as our soundtrack. And enlisted Dallas native and 90s pop icon Lisa Loeb to narrate our TV and upcoming radio work.

To date, the reception to this campaign from our clients and restaurant General Managers alike has been remarkablly positive, and we can’t wait to start building on its momentum across other mediums and in Chili’s locations nationwide over the months to come.