Project Beacon Partner: Crowdly

Riche Zamor

Building advocates for your brand on Facebook is a challenge. Facebook is great for building a community and getting people to interact with your content, but the platform doesn’t provide you much insight into the aggregate behaviors and interests of your fans. That’s why we partnered with Crowdly to be a part of Project Beacon and provide our clients a tool that gives them more contexts around their advocates’ interactions with the brand.

Crowdly has developed a consumer crowdsourcing platform that helps brands recruit fans to be advocates through an application that plugs right into their Facebook brand page. Your fans can submit ideas to your brand, and other fans can then vote on them. Your fans gain credibility over time for the number of ideas they submit, the popularity of those ideas, and the number of people they recruit to submit ideas as well. Fans with the highest scores are deemed to be advocates because of their continued engagement and ability to recruit new people to engage with your brand.

The interesting twist to Crowdly’s platform is that the voting process in decentralized, allowing for votes to be cast on your wall and on your fans’ walls. When a fan submits an idea, they can share it out to your page wall and their profile wall. When other fans or your fans’ friends like the idea, those likes are aggregated as votes for it.

There is also a viral nature to the platform, where any fan that votes for a great idea can then share that out to their friends, empowering your fans to recruit new advocates to your brand through user-generated content.

On the backend, the application provides you with a rich dashboard full of insights to help you better understand how your fans are engaging on the platform. The dashboard tells you the top ideas, top influencers, and the average engagement across all ideas. Brands can also export demographic and profile data on application users to do deeper analysis of your advocates’ interests.

These guys are going to be down at SXSW Interactive hosting a party this coming Friday, so make sure to check them out.