Origin CBI, Hill Holliday’s consumer insights group, is looking for a lead researcher with experience designing and managing projects that answer business questions.  You will be translating client needs into research questions, recommending appropriate methods, writing proposals, managing the research process, and presenting the answers.

Who we are

We are a consumer research group at Hill Holliday,  a storied advertising agency headquartered in Boston that serves such clients as Dunkin’ Donuts, Bank of America, Chili’s, (RED), LG, TJ Maxx, and many others. There are six of us now, and we are looking for one additional researcher to join us.

Most of our work has to do with four types of questions:  who are the best people to advertise to, how strong is a particular brand relative to its competitors, what would make an ad more effective, and whether a particular ad will succeed (or why it didn’t). To answer these questions, we collect data from a variety of sources: surveys, interviews, diaries, social media, and third-party sources.

 Fundamentally, we study how people make choices, and how advertising influences the choices people make. There’s a lot of interesting body of knowledge that goes into it, from economics and sociology to semiotics and evolutionary psychology. It’s never boring.

Who we need

We are looking for a lead researcher who will:

Successful candidates

Candidates with suitable skills and experience will be asked to complete a short homework assignment prior to the interview. You can find more details about the group and the application process at http://www.origincbi.com/careers