Being forced into early retirement. Leaving a steady job and launching a new business. Telling your college-bound daughter that you can’t afford her favorite school. These don’t always make for entertaining commercials during your favorite sitcom. But John Hancock’s mission has never been about entertainment.

In a new, integrated series of TV commercials, online videos, and web content, we are exposed to the ups and downs of real life. Like silent bystanders in the room, viewers witness these raw, emotional stories begin to take place. At a pivotal moment, the stories abruptly end, leaving us wondering what happens next. Is it something we expected? Something we never imagined? Visitors to will see the possibilities, watching events unfold with the different paths that life may take.

Following Hancock’s legacy of presenting an unvarnished look at life, this campaign shows how being ready for both the expected and the unexpected is something we all have to face. Hancock’s investment, insurance, and retirement solutions let us know that when life changes, they can help us be prepared for it.

The Knock

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