For over 150 years, honesty and integrity have been the cornerstones of John Hancock’s business. And in an era where Americans are more anxious about – and invested in – their family’s quality of life and wellbeing than ever before, establishing a sense of trust and shared values is paramount in this intensely competitive insurance industry. So consistent with our client’s legacy of thoughtful, memorable advertising, we created our latest round of work to help illuminate the financial concerns we all share, and the sense of reassurance that John Hancock has a unmatched history of providing.

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In 1968, Jay Hill, Alan Holliday, Jack Connors and Steve Cosmopulos founded an agency in Boston based on the principle that creativity could drive business. Forty five years later, we're still operating on that very same premise, albeit with a few more people. Today, there are more than 900 of us who work at Hill Holliday. Together, we are the 13th largest ad agency in the United States. It's very nice to meet you.