Continuing off the 2014 launch of Life Comes Next, we wanted to again adhere to our creative legacy of showing reality but do it in a new way that went beyond our traditional TV-focused approach. Our strategy was to overcome the message clutter and spend-related obstacles by delivering a campaign that was more integrated, in tune with changing media consumption habits (i.e., “second screen”, social/digital behavior) and provide us a higher level of measurability.

The new iteration of work shows how being ready for both the expected and the unexpected is something we all have to face. We address different life events within the same TV/digital spot by setting up familiar life situations. But these spots do not resolve; instead, viewers are prompted to go to to see the ways life can unfold via multiple endings. In the midst of each ending, we introduce a compelling statistic to add further context and get people thinking about their own life preparedness. After viewers watch the endings, they can get helpful, topical information on solutions and how John Hancock can help.

The Knock

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