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How can a new medication break through this established clutter to an inundated audience?


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Roughly 28MM Americans have Type 2 diabetes, and drug marketers spent $435 MM in 2015 to reach them. How can a new medication break through this level of noise to engage an overwhelmed audience worn down by daily struggles with managing their condition and an ongoing onslaught of marketing messages?

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INVOKANA gained traction and business success with a blend of deep insight into the life of those with diabetes, and a creative idea that turned the very thing that people most dread about diabetes into a source of anticipation. "Love Your Numbers" takes head on the numbers ­– A1C blood sugar readings ­– that rule T2D patients’ health.  We developed the INVOKANA consumer campaign to signal to patients that the brand would help them celebrate their numbers instead of dreading them, along with the conversations that happened with their doctors.  By demonstrating INVOKANA’s unique way of working, and then tying that to the potential to reverse this pattern, T2D patients across the country experienced renewed hope and optimism. 

The result for INVOKANA?  In just two years on the market, sales have grown to “blockbuster” status. Patients have sought out the brand and requested it from their doctors at levels that lead the category. With results like that, both patients and the brand are “loving their numbers.”

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