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HHBrandAble is a brand consulting practice, embedded in a successful full service, fully integrated communications agency, that works with clients who need fast, smart and affordable brand solutions to help their brands leapfrog to a whole new level.

BrandAble is ideal if you are:

  • A start up or new brand launch where a strong and differentiating brand identity is needed quickly 
  • An adolescent brand that needs better brand assets to help move to the next level
  • Any brand that is ‘stuck’ and in need of a ‘reboot’ to re-gain relevance and growth

How we are different 

  • BrandAble is nimbler, faster and therefore more cost effective than the big, traditional brand consulting firms.
  • Our Brand Consultants have decades of experience  in nearly every business category including financial services and insurance, healthcare, retail, casual dining, automotive, and packaged goods. And we help a range of clients from start-ups, to small businesses to very large corporations.
  • Because we’re embedded in an agency that must create strategies and assets that are both creative and effective, every brand strategy we develop is created with the end user in mind.  We understand them, know what will motivate them, and therefore what will ultimately drive your business.
  • The result of our work with you becomes a collection of brand assets that are valuable, unique, actionable and effective.


Austin Gardner-Smith, SVP - Growth | Austin.Gardner-Smith@hhcc.com

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