A Brand House 

Any brand that wants to sustain growth for the long term needs a Brand House. Why? Because the marketplace is growing in complexity and customers are bombarded with huge amounts of information. To make the right impression, every customer touchpoint is an opportunity that has to be seized – from retail experiences to communications and beyond. But if the brand isn’t clearly defined, and if customer experiences are not all consistent and “on brand”, then opportunities are lost.

A Brand House is a simple, one page framework to define your brand - articulating your purpose, mission, positioning, supporting pillars and brand personality.  It becomes your company’s North Star, not only for how you communicate, but also for how your brand acts. So everyone, from the “cashier to the CEO”, is working from the same playbook.  And that playbook guides how everyone talks about the brand and how they LIVE the brand. In this way, no opportunity is a missed opportunity.


Brand Architecture

Brands are assets of tremendous value. Companies that have more than one brand, or sub-brands, have a great responsibility to ensure that each achieves its full potential. To do this, they need a Brand Architecture. A Brand Architecture helps sibling brands co-exist AND co-benefit. They ensure that each brand is carefully designed to take advantage of the right market with the right target, while also maximizing opportunities for all the sibling or sub brands. When done right, a Brand Architecture helps you optimize your whole business, aligning resources in a strategic hierarchy that ensures every asset you have - from goods and services to your employees and your mission- is working together to the greatest affect.   


Customer Journey 

Because every customer touchpoint is an opportunity, it is vital to have a deep and detailed understanding of the consumer at every point along their journey as they interact with your category and your business. This understanding is what we create when we build a Customer Journey. The Customer Journey provides a detailed map of consumers’ feelings, attitudes and behaviors in the context of your category-so you can identify the moments that matter for your business. That makes it much easier to take advantage of key opportunities for deeper engagement across all your customer segments. This includes not just marketing opportunities but also potential business opportunities.


Consumer Mindset, Attitudes and Behaviors 

Understanding consumers and the culture that surrounds them is fundamental to the success of every business. We explore the ins and outs of consumers from the ground up, leveraging immersive methodologies to map all aspects of their world and how they interact with your category and brand – from first impressions, to the role of advocacy in retention.  Whether it’s a metaphor elicitation study to understand embedded emotional associations or the mapping of a full Customer Journey, it's all about discovering the key motivations for the problem at hand to develop smarter insights and powerful marketing solutions. 


Brand Identity

When a brand doesn’t have a clear visual identity, every time the consumer is exposed to your business, product or communications, they see a different brand. The result is a confused customer and lost opportunities. A branded visual identity is built from your Brand House and is conceived in collaboration with our creative and design teams. It’s executed in a way that clearly conveys what your brand stands for, and does it in a way that is differentiating and breakthrough.


HHBrandAble Workshops 

A BrandAble Workshop is a day-long intensive hands-on deep dive into your business goals, needs, and culture to not only inspire, inform and align your team, but create empowered and impactful strategies. We'll bring our collective expertise together to surround the problem and deliver a rigorous approach that explores and articulates your brand like no other.

Dynamic In-House Custom Research

Our Origin team offers a full range of innovative research capabilities that help clients find the insights that matter to their business. Click here to learn more.


Austin Gardner-Smith, SVP - Growth | Austin.Gardner-Smith@hhcc.com