Oh no, another fire to put out. But that doesn’t faze you. You’ve dealt with this before. You’re organized, managed, and excited for creative ideas to flourish. And it’s with the awesome relationship you created with the client that helps all this magic happen.

An Account Manager supports the account team in managing the day-to-day activity of the account, including managing client deadlines, maintaining the integrity of the client’s budget and developing the account. By this stage in your career, you must be a proactive person who can multi-task, foster a positive team atmosphere, and be a leader. 

Some call you a jack-of-all-trades. Not only can you keep the client happy, but you’re also keen enough to sense their needs and find opportunities. And that’s not all. When it comes to executing, you’ve got the skills to work with different agency departments to make it all happen.

We’re EP+Co and we’re looking for an Account Manager that does all of that and more. This isn’t your first rodeo and you know how to wear a lot of hats.  It’s something you actually quite enjoy doing. Sound like you? Let’s get to work.

The Job:

Required Experience: