About Hill Holliday Health: We’re 125 hungry, humble, healthcare-obsessed humans in both New York and Boston, focused on helping people fight their daily battle for better health. Whether it’s highly targeted digital work for rare diseases or big multi-channel DTC campaigns, no challenge is ever too big, or too small. Our clients include Novartis, Alcon, Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen division, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and ALK Pharmaceuticals. To learn about Hill Holliday Health, please visit https://www.hhcc.com/health.

The role of account management at Hill Holliday is to create, manage and expand the conditions for great work and ideas to flourish.  We strive to create work that moves people, changes the status quo, and drives our clients’ business and our own. 

Our account managers are dynamic marketing strategists who know their client’s business deeply and proactively bring new thinking and an invaluable outside perspective.   They connect the dots and marshal resources and talent to deliver all aspects of modern marketing.  They are creative “true believers” who recognize, contribute to, protect, and most importantly bring to life great work and ideas.  They drive teams that make things happen so we win for our clients and Hill Holliday.

Expectations and Behaviors:

Dynamic Marketing Strategists

Open and Curious Versatilists

Creative True Believers

Trusted Leaders


Audacious spirit with a willingness to take risks for our clients and ourselves by pushing forward good ideas

Ambitious, driven and hard-working

Curious to learn, seek information and an openness to new ideas and approaches

Generous in gratitude and in time

Empathetic to perspective of others

Optimism to imagine a better future state and motivate others to work together towards shared goals

Desired experience: