Creatives aren't just creative when it comes to advertising. They're habitually creative. They live and breathe it. They see things differently. They do things abnormally. They are wacky. They are simultaneously brilliant and idiotic. They "get it." They also can't stop writing sentences that begin with "they." Are you one of they?

We are looking for an ACD Art Director to join our Bank of America account. They will play a key role in setting the strategic creative direction for integrated campaigns and/or single executions on one or more client accounts. Using proven talent, versatility, and consistent conceptual thinking, the ACD AD leads the development of creative work that communicates the client’s or product's message in a uniquely fresh, memorable, and persuasive way.

 The ACD AD also is responsible for managing junior creatives on the team.  They must collaborate with the Creative Manager to allocate work assignments, provide opportunities for development, and foster and promote a productive and effective team environment.

 Primary Responsibilities

 Performance Expectations: