Lead Architect

If simply looking at titles, we are an agency team of engineers, designers, producers and architects, delivering digital marketing experiences and applications for our clients. But at Hill Holliday no two people, clients or projects are the same, and we believe this uniqueness is what us, and the work we create together, special.

Today we are looking for a technologist with an affinity for marketing who feels right at home in a culture of creativity, to join us. Someone with amazing talent and experience for bringing connected ecosystems from concept to launch.

But most importantly, we are looking for someone that will inspire others through their passion for programming, systems and their unique way of thinking.

Who you are:

Maybe your background is in software engineering, web development or something completely different? But no matter the path you took to get here, it is uniquely yours, and because of that, you’re excited share your ideas, solutions and energy with others.

We imagine that you love exploring the new services in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. We’re sure you have strong feelings on best programming practices in .NET, Python or Java, but you enjoy listening to other’s thoughts, and are certainly not against changing yours when new information presents itself.

Over the last 10 years or so, you’ve overseen multiple engineering projects, and are comfortable handling multiple projects at the same time. You’ve seen quite a few architecture design patterns, designed and presented a number of them. You’re comfortable with writing technical documentation, fluent in software development lifecycles, continuous integration, cloud-based DevOps and application security. 

Does this sound a lot like you? We’d love to chat.

Oh and we’re open to remote, NYC, Boston, MA, or Greenville, SC.