Origin is a market research practice area within Hill Holliday’s Decision Science group, specializing in applied psychology and data science. Staffed with survey methodologists, consumer psychologists, and data strategists, Origin brings a rigorous set of approaches to help solve any business challenge. While Origin has a strong foundation in traditional research methods, they are also pioneering new analytics techniques that merge market research with machine learning and pattern recognition tools. This allows Origin to augment any survey research with additional data sources to help triangulate deeper and more powerful insights.

Find out more at www.origincbi.com

About The Role:

As a lead researcher you will lead a team of 2-3 and work with approximately 3 clients from different categories. You will create and manage custom research projects, taking ownership of major deliverables and smaller programs/projects. You will also be asked to take personal accountability for on-time, on-budget, quality execution of projects. While you will have a hand in each stage of the research process, from survey drafting to final reporting, a large portion of the lead researcher role is focused on overall project and team management.

Who We Need:


  • B.A. or B.S. in psychology, data science, economics, advertising/communication, marketing, statistics, or computer science.
  • 4-5 years of industry experience in marketing, market research, advertising, or related field.
  • This role requires you to be proficient in all aspects of research, including: research design (survey research, experiments, focus groups, etc.), survey development, sampling plans, survey programming, data collections, data manipulation (i.e. cleaning, weighting, recoding data sets), data analysis, and client presentation.
  • Strong theoretical understanding of statistics (i.e., ANOVA, t-tests, correlations, linear/logistic regression, testing for significant differences across groups).
  • Ability to translate data into meaningful insights that can tell compelling stories to clients.
  • Proficient data analysis skills on one of the following platforms: SPSS, SAS, MATLAB, or R
  • Good at explaining complex things in plain English; confident and clear public speaking.


  • Master’s in psychology, data science, statistics, market research, business intelligence.
  • Experience with interactive report generation, such as online dashboarding using R, JavaScript, or other programming language.
  • Proficient with advanced statistics and modeling (i.e., analysis for segmentation, analysis for MaxDiff, Conjoint, etc.).
  • Experience with cross-tabulation software (i.e., WinCross, Survey Reporter, etc.).
  • Familiarity with survey programs including: SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Qualtrics, QuestionPro, Sawtooth, or others.