Trilia’s Investment Group buys video and audio regardless of where the target is consuming it, offering flexibility to move budgets across inventory and ultimately deliver on both pricing and audience goals. We have had a lead role within MAGNA, IPG’S consolidated investment arm, for almost 10 years. MAGNA is structured to deliver the combined leverage of all IPG participating agencies’ client spending of $17B in the US and $37B worldwide, but advocates for individual agency management of client investment strategies, budgets, and buy details. We deliver superior value beyond rate negotiation, through a high commitment to service. Flawless execution, impeccable stewardship, and respected relationships have proven to deliver greater value to our clients.

Our Local Investment team members serve as DMA experts within an account group. Our structure ensures buyers have both a deep understanding of market nuances as well the client’s business to guide effective local buying strategy and negotiations. Trilia has a regional Local broadcast buying group structure, with buyers in three offices (New York, Boston, and Greenville, SC). Collaboration occurs across all offices to encourage cross learning on market, client, and industry knowledge. These shared experiences ensure that our buyers are able to capitalize in each local DMA to deliver client schedules with maximum impact. Our structure helps build and solidify relationships with managers at the stations, enabling us to be at the forefront of new opportunities as they come to market.

The role of a Local Buyer is to negotiate, evaluate, and advise on the media best suited to meet established client requirements, budget goals, and objectives.  The Buyer begins to develop leadership skills by ownership of tasks with other account team members to deliver holistic solutions to meet client needs. The Local Buyer reports directly to an Account Lead and Associate Media Director. 



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