About Trilia Media:

Trilia Media is the boutique media agency arm of Hill Holliday. What makes us unique? Our integration with creative and the way we are able to holistically look at the marketplace when planning and investing our clients’ media budgets. In today’s ever-changing media landscape, knowing where to invest marketing dollars to deliver results can stump even the savviest marketers. That’s where we come in. We combine best-in-class media solutions with breakthrough media receptivity to truly move the needle for our clients, all while keeping one objective in mind – do more of the things that work. It's a deceptively simple concept: Do more. Waste less.

The role of the Media Planner is to be the day-to-day steward of media plans.  The Media Planner starts to develop managerial skills by overseeing the Assistant Media Planner.  The Media Planner reports to the Media Supervisor or Associate Media Director depending on account structure.


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