Planning is all about spotting the insight in the middle of an otherwise ho-hum story, the “F-me! Fact” (as in “F me! I didn’t know that!”) is the true motivation behind a consumer’s buying habits, even when their words so often disguise their true intent. Fritz has practiced this sort of planning from Chicago to London, to Toronto to Austin, and now again back in Boston. He has a specialty in financial services (because, after all, what’s more interesting than figuring out how people act and interact with money?) and currently works on Merrill Lynch, but has worked in nearly every brand category on such greats as McDonald’s, AT&T, Cadbury, Anheuser-Busch, and Morgan Stanley. He also got to use his superpowers for good (or in his case, semi-adequate powers) in repositioning the American Cancer Society while at the Martin Agency in Virginia: “the Official Sponsor of Birthdays.” He attended the Universities of Michigan and Chicago, though some of these records were lost in a fire the authorities later labeled “suspicious.”