Jessica loves to spot the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary, and to capture everyday magic. A proponent of stunningly simple ideas that solve complex problems, she has worked on some of the world’s biggest and most popular brands, including McDonald’s, AT&T, P&G, Band Aid, The Sun newspaper, and Walmart. A native of London, who has lived in New York and Boston, Jessica is at her best when listening to what real people in the real world think and feel, acting as a lightning rod for true emotions and genuine needs. She believes the most powerful way to connect and build brands is through a combination of pragmatism and imagination. She strives to brings both to her current role, where she leads the strategy on Dunkin’ Donuts. In her spare time, Jessica is a dedicated cook and student of American history, often combining the two: her appetite for knowledge of Boston culture and cuisine recently led to the discovery that her home once belonged to the family who first brought pepper to the United States.