@Erskinerob is a true internet hero at Hill Holliday. He takes the title of “Creative Technologist” to the extreme with his wide range of work on APIs, chatbots, and personalized websites. He’s an integral member of the digital strategy and tech innovation team, who has brought standards, accessibility, and design-at-scale to the wider team. While this Johnson & Wales graduate may be an awful cook, he’s turned his B.S. in Graphic design and Digital Media into an award-winning portfolio that consists of real-time digital billboards, multilingual content management systems, and even AAA video game titles. Rob works on every client under the sun, from the City of Boston to Chili’s, Necco, LG, John Hancock, Invokana, and Bank of America.

You can catch Rob's amazing code on Github, and his terrible dad jokes on Twitter.

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