Your brand is so much more than the story you tell.

How people experience a brand forms at least as much of an impression as the brand's external communications.

But it's not easy to keep up with customers' rising expectations. As consumers, we have more choice than ever before, and we carry our expectations from digital to physical interactions and across categories.

CX has become the basis for competition for brands in almost every industry.

Getting it right across the entire customer journey increases sales and customer satisfaction while reducing price sensitivity, and drives long term customer loyalty.

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Great experiences across the customer journey drive sales and retention. Poor experiences drive customers away — for life.

CX brings new responsibilities and challenges for the modern CMO.

Many CMOs we speak to are taking on additional responsibility for customer experience. Yet it's not something that their traditional brand partners often go very deep on. And it requires internal collaboration with other functions, like IT, operations, and HR

The customer doesn't care that you have all these political issues, they don't care about your bureaucracy.

They just care about the experience.

Ian Chee

Head of Brand Strategy, Uber
Hill Holliday's #mediaFWD Conference, 2016

The CX partner for the modern CMO brings together four areas of expertise:

  1. Brand

    Understands how to build powerful, lasting brands

  2. People

    Design for and with people, within the context of their journey with the brand

  3. Technology

    Architecture, implementation, and integration for world class CX delivery

  4. Business

    Building the case for CX activities and tying their impact to business outcomes

Why Hill Holliday?

We've been building powerful brands for 49 years. On top of that foundation we've brought together human-centered design, creative technology, business design and innovation expertise to help our clients identify their biggest CX opportunities and deliver world-class, differentiated experiences to their customers. 

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