Performance & Optimization Schedule

Last updated: 04/07/18 by Rob Erskine.

The goal of this document is to provide planning, expectations, and outcomes of optimizations for design and development decisions on

Each week we'll implement one or two new features or improvements to the site. In each week's sprint, we'll have two possible tweaks: one easy feature(0-8 story points), and one complex feature (8+ story points). The intention is that in hectic weeks, we can tackle an easy feature, and in slow weeks, we can handle a complex feature.

Planned Tests:

Week 1:


Increase size of font in mobile main menu

While the font size in the mobile menu is responsive, we think that by increasing the default font size for mobile users will improve usability.


Refactor how search results appear based on score

Search results are currently categorized by the number of results in that current category. The assumption was that if a user searched for Dunkin Donuts, then all work case studies would appear at the top of the results. What we didn't take into account was that in this example, a lot of employee pages have the term Dunkin Donuts in their bios. So when a user searches Dunkin Donuts, a bulk list of employees show up on the top.

What we can do instead, is give different weight to different fields in the CMS. An entry's Title could be most important, followed by their relational category (Client, Department, etc), followed by their body field. From there we can show results based on their score, not their frequency. 

Week 2:


Adjust size of font in full-bleed banners

We didn't anticipate there being so much copy on top of complex images across the site. We think that by increasing the font size of this copy we can drive more clicks on the banner's call to action to watch a video or scroll down further on the page.


Culture page pagination scrolling

We really didn't expect that some of our best performing content would be the culture pages. Three of our top ten pieces of content are the culture homepage, and page 2 (p2) and page 3 (p3).

The experience right now ajax loads the in the next page, but isn't optimal as the entire page fades out and loads in, instead of just the carousel. We think that by speeding up this transition by only ajax loading the carousel of selfies, we can increase the number of profiles the visitor visits.

Week 3: 


Add in "Brand Edge Index" section


Launch a new page on the site called "Brand Edge Index". This page should hold all research white papers that we're producing going forward. As part of this release we need a new table block, as well as a call to action block.

We also need a new contact form, as well as a form that will allow people to download these research papers. There also needs to be an option to allow people to subscribe to Hill Holliday news.

Week 4:


Scroll tracking

We have great data for average time on site, but we're hoping to get more data around how people are using the site, most notably around scrolling. Is our homepage too long on mobile? Are people finding the stuff they are looking for on the careers page? By adding in scroll tracking to our analytics we can fire custom events based on the page type, and inform our decisions going forward


Email capture

We'd like to add an email capture field requirement whenever someone downloads our fact sheet. By knowing they are interested in Hill Holliday, we can add them to a mailing list to stay up-to-date with our news.

Week 5:


Add close button to Search Results

Currently the only way to remove search results and get back to the main menu is by clearing the Search field, or by pressing escape. If we add a button inline to clear the search, it might be easier to use for people who are less savvy. By implementing this, we think we can increase overall engagement on the site by making our users less frustrated.


Internship landing page

We knew from previous analytics that one of the most visited pages would be the careers page. We had no idea that looking from search results that so many people would be interested in landing an internship at Hill Holliday. Right now, Internship information is buried on the Careers page, but we think it would be smart to abstract out that information and include it on it's own page. We think that this will allow those looking for an internship much more success in finding the information they need.

Past Tests:

🔖 [release] [v1.3.0] - Revamping Search with Expanded and Weighted Results

October 13th 2016, 4:45pm

🔖 [release] [v1.2.5] - Easy: Add in "Momentum" News Block

October 5th 2016, 3:30pm

Added in a new homepage block to showcase "Momentum" within the agency, most notably new business wins.

Momentum Block

🔖 [release] [v1.2.2] - Easy: Add label to main menu icon

September 18th 2016, 5:45pm

Added the label "Menu" to the left of the hamburger main menu button. Saw a 4.5% decreased bounce rate on desktop and a 3% decreased bounce rate on mobile.

🔖 [release] [v1.2.7] - Easy: Increase size of font in mobile main menu

October 6th 2016, 7:33pm

We adjusted the font size of the mobile menu to increase usability on smaller screens. We also made the background less transparent so it's easier to see on more complex backgrounds. Lastly, we changed the animation property from height to use css3 transforms to enforce hardware acceleration to provide silky smooth transitions.

Overall, we saw our bounce rate decrease 2.6% on mobile browsers, our pages per session increase by 0.21 and our average time on site increase by 14 seconds.

Before and after shots of the change below.

🔖 [release] [v1.3.0] - Complex: Refactor how search results appear

October 13th 2016, 4:45pm

We took a stab at refactoring how search results show up in an attempt to improve conversion for some of our most popular terms. By leveraging analytics, we noticed that our most popular terms weren't taking users where they needed to go or show them what they needed to know.

We implemented a new feature where content editors can add in expanded search results when users search for specific terms like "intern", "karen", or "hancock".

By showing results inline, we've increased our internship application downloads by 200%.

🔖 [release] [v1.4.0] - Complex: Add in Brand Edge Index section

February 1st 2017, 1:30pm

Added in Brand Edge Index section.