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How could Bank of America increase awareness of its Mobile Banking App?


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When you think of Bank of America’s award-winning Mobile Banking App, you immediately think of a llama, right? Yeah, that’s what we thought of too. 

A large part of our target was apathetic toward the app, failing to believe that its features added meaningful value to their lives.  We knew the app could help in ways that really mattered to this consumer; we just had to get them to look at it differently.

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We had to find the simplest, most memorable way to demonstrate that our target’s financial life really would be better if it were connected to the app. Enter our hero, the Llama! We created 11 digital videos featuring our pal the Llama — an erudite and slightly verbose pack animal who knows his stuff about Bank of America’s Mobile Banking app. 

We launched the videos across the Bank’s social channels and closely monitored engagement. Based on the positive reactions we saw in above-benchmark engagement rates, folks like — or dare we say “Llove” — the Llama. So we continued to promote the videos and expanded the conversation through customized organic replies.

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At the same time, targeted digital ads reached across many different platforms, and Geotagged Snapchat filters gave consumers a fun way to get excited about the app.

  • 2.5 million new Mobile Banking app users
  • 28% increase in mobile deposit transactions

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