How could we find a non-traditional way to increase relevance and top-of-mind awareness after a year in lockdown?


Digital, Experiential, Social, Video

Fireball is known for throwing a good party, but how about creating a secret oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert? In Tucson, AZ, Fireball decided to do just that.

The week leading up to the event, the residents of Tucson started seeing cryptic messages through paid media, chalk stencils, and a crew of men with mobile projectors seeding the idea that “the Dragon is coming” that weekend. Friday night comes, and on top of one of the city’s landmarks, 300 drones light up the sky through a series of brand-centric visuals pointing the Tucson residents to our on-the-ground pot of Fireball gold. Once viewers made it to our secret party location (which could be found by the pointing arrow from the drones) you could sample Fireball Whisky, get free swag, listen to live music, play games with your friends and even get a Fireball flash tattoo creating an unforgettable experience to those who attended. Those who couldn’t join were able to join via an Instagram live and those outside of Tucson were messaged with highlights of the event well after the show, and a call to have the Dragon come to their city next.

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