Frontier Communications


How could Frontier combat a negative category perception and increase brand awareness amongst competitors?


Radio, Social, TV

Frontier is a fully-integrated piece of business, where the agency re-thought the entire omni-channel marketing approach for a brand struggling for share in the internet service category. Through primary customer and internal stakeholder research, we determined something was lacking in the overwhelming category that is internet and cable: a guide.

We built a break-through brand platform: In the maze that is internet service, Frontier will be your guide. We’ll make it easier and simpler for you to understand your options and what you need to fit your life. Our creative concept centered around the Balladeer, a friend singing fun songs to show confused customers that internet service doesn’t have to be so difficult, and tell them, “don’t go it alone.” We created a fully integrated campaign featuring TV, Radio, Social, DM, and more.

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For existing customers, we focused on how they could get the most from their service. Through simpler, guide-based onboarding content, improved How-To videos for installing and troubleshooting technology or reading bills, and a refined website, we worked to ensure that those who were with us, stayed with us.

In addition to a consumer-facing campaign, we created an integrated internal campaign as well. By focusing on Frontier’s legacy of being customer-centric, we got employee and c-suite level buy-in on a company-wide initiative to unite the company under one purpose: be the consumer’s guide on the digital frontier.

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