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How could Harvard Pilgrim’s voice be re-established as a forward-thinking industry leader.


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For more than 50 years, Harvard Pilgrim had guided its broker partners, customers, members, and the industry at large to better health care on the pillars of Innovation, Service, and Inclusion. After several quiet years, we wanted to re-establish Harvard Pilgrim’s voice as a forward-thinking industry leader and inject some joy and optimism into an otherwise dry and serious topic.

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We recognized that consumers viewed health insurance as the thing that picks up the bill when they get sick or hurt, but we needed to emphasize that a good insurer is so much more than that. It doesn’t just show up when things go wrong, but is there to help them go right, guiding members along their paths to better, healthier lives. Harvard Pilgrim’s plans were chock-full of forward-thinking features and thoughtful benefits. Having a Harvard Pilgrim plan meant having a true partner at their side, helping them get moving, balance their mind, make better choices, and reach their health goals.

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