Since 1985, a lot has happened in the world — a recession, a dot-com crash, the worst financial crisis since the Depression, the elections of multiple Presidents, wars have been fought, and the invention of a little thing called the Internet. But despite all this change and turmoil, one thing has remained constant: the strong relationship between John Hancock and Hill Holliday.

With over 30 years of building “trust through truth,” John Hancock’s promise and our work stand the test of time. While the executions, channels, and challenges have evolved through the years, the work, the brand promise, and our partnership remain constant.

John Hancock Work

"We’re in a business where if you have 2% of the market share, you’re huge. So we want to differentiate ourselves in our message to our customer, and that’s where Hill Holliday makes a big difference for us."

Jim Gallagher Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer