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How can we encourage T2D patients to continue taking their medication?



Roughly 28 MM Americans live with Type-2 Diabetes, and this daily burden is compounded by very poor mediation compliance.  50% of T2D patients, frustrated with their results, stop taking their medication within 3 months.

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Enter INVOKANA CarePath. This comprehensive Patient Support Program demonstrates that INVOKANA stands ready to back up its promise that if people who take ­– and keep taking ­– the brand can love their numbers (e.g., A1C blood sugar readings) again and again. The personalized portal includes diet and lifestyle content, and motivational tools based on the three core pillars of Access, Education, and Adherence. More than 800 diabetes-friendly recipes, videos, and behavioral-change programs provide INVOKANA patients the confidence they need to continue experiencing the results that reinforce long-term adherence.

The results clearly demonstrate the power of an insights-driven Patient Support Program to drive adherence, as those enrolled in CarePath exhibit higher adherence rates than patients who don’t. From higher engagement levels on site, and return visits, to extensive use of the brand’s co-pay assistance program, INVOKANA CarePath extends consumer engagement well-beyond the medication itself, driving superior results for patients and the brand.

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