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How do you build consumer preference for a new Type 2 Diabetes drug in a crowded category?


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As Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen division developed its go-to-market strategy for INVOKANA, its first entrant in the crowded Type 2 Diabetes category, they knew they were in for a dogfight. 

The brand would need to clearly articulate the benefits of its first-in-new-class position to challenge the massive legacy brands that long dominated the category.

To make it happen, we segmented the patient population and focused on the cohort who, despite treating the condition, never succeeded in controlling it. The sheer amount of noise in this category was daunting, with more than 20 branded medications competing for patient and physician preference, and over $500M spent annually in DTC. 

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As the competition turned up the volume in this fierce share battle, INVOKANA’s “Love Your Numbers” campaign broke through with a brand promise that turned the very thing our target dreaded most—their blood sugar numbers—into a source of hope and optimism.

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