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How could we drive sales for Party City during the Halloween season, their most crucial sales period?


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In September 2017, we launched a new brand platform for Party City during the Halloween season, which accounted for 25% of the company’s annual sales.

“Oh, It’s On” captured the uniqueness, excitement, and competitive spirit that comes with planning a party or for finding the perfect Halloween costume. “Oh, It’s On” was communicated through all touchpoints in the customer’s shopping journey. For the first time, digital and social media channels were a critical part of the plan — connecting, engaging, and driving action with the target.

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With consumer attention spans dwindling and ad blockers increasing in popularity, effectively communicating our brand’s message is becoming more challenging than ever. In order to combat this, we utilized YouTube’s new six-second bumper ads to put the Party City brand in front of our target with minimal interruption. The bumpers also tapped into a popular social media user behavior — countdowns — to communicate a compelling yet snackable story.

The Hill Holliday team tuned into a main insight for Millennials celebrating Halloween. College students are more likely to buy accessories and create DIY looks vs. pre-made costume sets, and they go out multiple times during the Halloween season: #Halloweek #Halloweekend. To show a wide range of product, the team brainstormed how a consumer could repurpose a few accessories into many looks, and featured them in shoppable Facebook carousel units. 

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We collaborated with creative, digital, media, exclusive licensors (such as Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, and Heidi Klum), and outside vendors to create a holistic plan that delivered our core message across TV, social media, and via the Web for each of our core demographics.

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  • 1.8 billion impressions

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