Planet Fitness


Make America’s fastest-growing gym the undisputed leader in the category.


Digital, OOH, Radio, TV

In 2017, Planet Fitness wanted to move from a challenger brand to the leader in the category. It meant that we would have to convince people who hadn’t worked out or belonged to a gym in years, if ever, to join Planet Fitness.

First we set out to eliminate the intimidation that came with joining a gym. With the Planet Fitness logo as our muse, we drafted a universal symbol that embodies exactly how freedom from judgement makes you feel: the thumbs up emoji.

Screen Shot 2017 01 24 At 4 21 26 Pm

Planet Fitness was now the Planet of 👍 . No longer was it simply an escape from judgmental gyms — Planet Fitness was now an escape from a judgmental world.

Our message: The World Judges, We Don’t. Planet Fitness, Be Free.

With January being the peak month for joining a gym, we launched our campaign during the fitness world’s Super Bowl, New Year’s Eve,by taking over one the world’s biggest stages — Times Square.

Watch NYE 2017

As midnight approached, millions of people would be tuning in to watch the ball drop, we started a countdown of our own with a 60-second New Year's Eve spot — with each second of the countdown representing a judgment from the past year. The spot was later cut into shorter vignettes.

  • Surpassed single-day join record by 162%. Our campaign resulted in a 67% increase in joins from the previous year, and surpassed Planet Fitness’ single-day join record by 162% — the most in their 25-year history. 73.4 million media impressions in the United States, and millions more worldwide. And we’re just getting started.