XARELTO® (rivaroxaban)


How do you win the share battle when you face both a generic standard of care as well as a branded 


Digital, Print, TV, Video

When launching our latest consumer campaign for XARELTO, we knew outspending ELIQUIS was not an option. So in adopting the “outsmart vs. outspend” approach, we drove that notion all the way into the consumer insights and value proposition with ”There’s More to Know.” 

The campaign features real Afib and DVT patients, mixing famous athletes with “ordinary people” to clearly signal these conditions can affect anyone. 

A flashback technique recreates our patients’ dramatic recognition of the seriousness and complexity of these conditions, helping our target relate to the intense emotions and concerns they’ve experienced with a clot. 

Custom 90-second video spots were directed towards our various target audience segments through television and digital channels. The real patient stories helped patients reconnect to their own experience with clots, and with the deep emotions associated with them.

Xarelto 002

We reached patients where they were most curious, in their doctor’s offices. With advertorials placed in Time magazine, printed brochures, and flyers, our message was where the patients were most likely to see it.

The word of Xarelto was spread through digital media, targeting specific audiences through multiple channels. 

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Xarelto 001

The website was rebranded with the campaign, and served as a platform for the patient stories. 

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