‘Made possible,’ here in Mass.

Move over, “Massachusetts For Us All.” The state has a new tagline to promote tourism: “Made Possible.”

The state’s newest tourism campaign is the brainchild of ad agency Hill HollidayPeter Nicholson, the Boston agency’s chief creative officer, said the new catchphrase performed better than last year’s tagline in focus groups and works visually, with the first two letters of “Made” acting as a stand-in for Massachusetts. Hill Holliday kicked off the $6 million campaign in June, working with Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism executive director Kate Fox and state economic development secretary Yvonne Hao. It will involve billboards and digital ads, and, eventually, print and TV as well. Featured photos on the state’s website showcase the Celtics championship win (”Bragging rights, made possible”) and LGTBQ Pride Month (”Family pride, made possible.”)

Ads will run in the New England markets as well as Texas and Florida. Nicholson hopes they will also encourage Massachusetts residents to think about checking out the sights in their home state.

Chief executive Chris Wallrapp said everyone in his office clamored to work on this account.

“When a client comes through the door and you have the entire agency wanting to work on it,” Wallrapp said, “that’s when you know you have something special.”

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