We've been helping clients fight, and win, the daily share battle since 1968.

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We hit Harder

We help our clients fight the daily share battle by swinging hard and fighting smart. We stay laser-focused on the most important part of the equation: the idea. Nothing beats a good one. And every day we come to work and think more of them into existence to help our clients dominate the noisiest of categories.

They’re ideas based on hard-won consumer and cultural insights.

Ideas that move people emotionally and have teeth.

Ideas, in other words, that win.

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Tempur Sealy

Hill Holliday is proud to welcome Tempur Sealy International, Inc. to the family


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The Brand Edge Index: Home Appliance Edition


The Brand Edge Index: Home Appliance Edition

The Brand Edge Index is a first-of-its-kind consumer study designed to quantify the distance between a brand and the level of brand preference that wins the daily share battle in their category. The Index offers a comprehensive view of how top brands across different categories succeed in driving brand preference in the marketplace.