David leads the creative group for Hill Holliday Health. He spent years working on traditional consumer accounts such as UPS, Mercedes-Benz, and Arby’s before bringing his fresh, award-winning consumer approach to brand building and storytelling to healthcare. He’s created best-in-category work for brands such as LIPITOR, PREVACID, SPIRIVA, LAP-BAND, QLAIRA, Merck Corporate, CONCERTA, and Smith & Nephew, among other successful national and global campaigns. His nearly six years at Hill Holliday have been anything but boring, as he’s built a strong creative team that’s now launched mega-brands INVOKANA and COSENTYX and re-launched XARELTO across multiple indications, while also doing smart, targeted work on rare diseases and oncology, helping brands like AFINITOR, ILARIS, GLEEVEC, and TASIGNA reach the people who need them most. Above all, David cherishes the positive impact his team work has on people’s lives, his fantastic client partnerships…and the endless amounts of fun he has along the way.

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