Somewhere along the way, we fall in love with the people we’re trying to help. And we use every bit of that love, compassion, and empathy to fuel us to create ideas that change lives. Even save them. It’s an incredible opportunity and powerful responsibility that all 195 of us Humble Hungry Humans across New York and Boston take very seriously each and every day. So don’t let all the fun we’re having fool you.

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Hill Holliday Health pushes insights and creative boundaries further than anyone I’ve seen in my 20+ year career, their client service is world-class, and they’re just great, fun, collaborative people.

Sharon DeBacco

VP Product Promotion & Communication, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

Our Team

I’ve never come across a smarter, more committed and ambitiously creative partner agency. Their outstanding work on INVOKANA made it a no-brainer for us to ask them to help us elevate the success of XARELTO.

Priya Brooke

Group Product Director, Janssen

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