How do you make "new" news for a company rooted firmly in the past?


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Cracker Barrel has built a strong business on nostalgia, inspiring an appreciation for tradition not only in their customers, but across the organization.

So when their 50th anniversary rolled around, it was important to not only make a big splash, but to do so in a time-honored way that fit their brand voice. 

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Cracker Barrel Social 1

We were honored to join the stewards of this beloved brand in cracking the code. In celebration of their golden anniversary, we reintroduced a crowd-pleasing dish to America — Southern Fried Chicken. 

We put a more intense focus on both the food and the feeling of community in our broadcast work; we cross-stitched short, uplifting chicken-inspired philosophies for their drink coasters and organic channels; and we captured the made-from-scratch process they use to craft their Southern Fried Chicken for the whole world to ogle. The result was standout work in one of the noisiest categories.