How to craft a brand campaign that communicates the revolutionary nature of our product?


Digital Banners, OLV/CTV, OOH, Social

Egglife egg white wraps were born out of the desire to find a flour alternative that transformed carb-heavy foods like wraps into low-carb, low-calorie, zero-sugar alternatives and once the transformative power of eggs was discovered, Egglife hasn’t looked back.

2022 is an important year from the brand, with ambitious goals of transitioning from a niche to a mainstream brand. This transition required the brand to have a brand voice that matched the revolutionary nature of their product and set them apart in the already crowded better-for-you category.  With that in mind, Hill Holliday created a campaign that feels like a revolutionary movement. The copy is a call to actions and the images are bold and delicious. With this campaign we are on our way to beat flour and claim our space for good.