How could Fireball build awareness with Gen Z & Millennials – especially with so many brand options in the liquor space.


Digital, Experiential, Mobile, Social

Streaming is one of the most popular activities for younger generations, with many having favorite streamers and games that they follow with the same dedication one might follow a favorite sports team. While other alcohol brands have done sponsorships on Twitch, few have truly tailored an activation specifically for the space and audience.

To deepen Fireball’s relationship with Gen Z and the Gaming Community, the brand tapped into Twitch via Gamer Partnerships, Custom Stream and Social Inclusions, and Media Amplification across Twitch, Instagram and Twitter. This support all culminated in “The Dragon’s Throne”, a live-streamed head-to-head event featuring some of the top Call of Duty gamers in the space. What made this uniquely Fireball was two 4D gaming chairs at the center, complete with fire, smoke, smells, and more, activated in real-time when using Call of Duty’s “Dragon Breath” ammo.

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