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How could we launch a brand experience that drives sales for Kay Jewelers' "Ever Us" collection?


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Since people have walked upright, they have been trying to immortalize their love. Carving initials into the bark of a tree. Adding a “love lock” to a French bridge. Shouting from a mountaintop.

While these are all nice ways to show someone you love them, they only last so long. Now with KAY Jewelers’ Beam Your Love digital experience, people can have their love last until the end of time. Visitors simply record their message of love on The audio messages are then transmitted via satellite into space, destined to travel through the universe forever.

The website hosts the messages sent by people from around the world and also has a few surprises. After recording, users get a trajectory number (much like an Amazon tracking number), to share the message and check how far it has traveled from Earth. And just in time for gift-giving season, users could also gift a beautiful (and shiny) reminder of their love by engraving the trajectory number of their message onto a two-stone diamond ring from KAY’s Ever Us collection for free.

An archived version of the site will be up indefinitely, so users can come back even decades later to listen to their message of love. Now when people say their love lasts forever, they have proof. 


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