How could we help a low-awareness challenger brand break into a crowded marketplace?


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When LG came to us ready to break into the U.S. household appliance marketplace, the category was dominated by legacy brands like Maytag, Kenmore, and Whirlpool.

We knew our target had grown up with these brands, which had their mothers’ – and their mothers’ – implicit endorsement of them.  LG had only been in the U.S. for 10 years when they had the audacious goal of becoming a household name in home appliances. Their awareness in this category was much lower than the legacy brands.  

We set out to get to know our target – younger, modern working moms who were comfortable making trade-offs in how she cares for her family. This modern mom’s world was a far cry from the relative calm and orderly routine of her mother’s generation, so we had a hunch that she might accept an upstart brand with innovative features and solutions built for her modern, busy life. A brand that shared her brilliant, multitasking ability to deal with all the insanity and pull off life’s daily miracles with a sense of humor.

We positioned LG as an essential part of mom’s “momtourage” – a co-conspirator who keeps her secrets about the schemes and shortcuts she uses to make it all work. We identified simple and often hilariously subversive truths that modern moms feel about their lives and their families. Our “Mom’s Inner Voice” TV campaign manifested these truths through frank and humorous inner thoughts that are never said out loud. The campaign came to life online through videos and an extensive digital and social initiative curated and shared through #MomConfessions on Tumblr.

Mom Confessions
  • 31% rise in purchase intent
  • 150% rise in engagement

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