How could we create a movement that would appeal to new fans and attract the next-generation fan to the sport?


Activation, Digital, Experiential, Social, Video

While industry revenues were reaching historic levels, Major League Baseball’s core demo was aging and in a fragmented media landscape, and national interest in the sport’s television product was on the decline.

We needed to create a movement that would appeal to new fans and attract next-generation fans to the sport, combating those concerning trends.

To connect with a younger audience, we wanted to recast how baseball marketing worked. Rather than focusing on a few creative elements (ads) that were distributed primarily through paid media, we developed a content engine that would generate many more units of creative (daily and weekly content updates) that would, in turn, generate earned media. Based on our research, content that consumers choose to engage with is 27 times more effective than an ad unit that is served up to them.

Emotional storytelling was brought to life in three distinct formats: player videos, footage-based videos, and curation. And we produced thousands of pieces of content under those buckets as the Fan Cave grew into a powerhouse for the league.

  • 1 million instagram engagements per week
  • 70,000 retweets per week
  • 18 million page views

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