How can Party City reach the right customers for holidays and celebrations all year long?


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Sure, Halloween is Party City’s Super Bowl. But there are countless celebrations to be thrown all year long. From Valentine’s Day to the 4th of July, party people should never have to settle for anything less than unforgettable.

And that’s why Party City is the go-to party partner for their every celebration. Their unparalleled selection of unique and on-trend items, along with their mad party skills, make it easy for customers to throw an unforgettable, Insta-worthy bash, every time.

But without countless moments to mark, getting customers in stores and to meant knowing who specifically to reach and how to be relevant to them. After all, the St. Patrick’s Day pub crawler is a very different customer than the mom who’s planning the unicorn party of her daughter’s dreams, and even the promise of summertime escape means something different to a mom keeping the kids occupied and a 20-something planning the bash of the summer.

We launched engaging digital work and fine-tuned our targeting to find those folks who were ready to party. In addition to digital work, we went to where the audiences live their lives, extending the campaign to reach the people who were ready to be inspired – from reaching millennials with Cinco De Mayo content on Snapchat, to reaching moms with graduation ideas on Pinterest.

  • 32% more efficient cost per site visitor from social media YoY
  • 170% higher conversion rate from social media YoY
  • 219% increase in YoY online revenue from social media in Q1 and Q2 2016
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