How could Planet Fitness enter the conversation about the Olympics without officially sponsoring the games?


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During the 2018 Winter Olympics, we wanted to take a stand against the elitist exclusivity of the event, but you can’t actually talk about it without being an official sponsor. 

Our idea was simple: we sponsored real, actual Olympians. Meaning people who live in Olympia, Washington. And who are actual Planet Fitness members in that area. It accomplished our two main objectives: entering the heavily guarded conversation around the Winter Games, and celebrating everyday Planet Fitness members to show that you don’t need to be elite to consider yourself an athlete.

But then we got judged by the United States Olympic Committee. Hard. They sent us a Cease and Desist just for championing everyday people, but we used it to our advantage. We immediately went live with a tongue-in-cheek press conference using a real Planet Fitness executive and a real Planet Fitness lawyer, extending the story, gaining millions more views, and even prompting some commenters to ask, “Wait, is this real?” 

From start to finish, we showed how Planet Fitness is the cheering section for the casual athlete, and everyone’s escape from the judgements of the world. All of this delivers on our overarching brand promise of being the Judgement Free Zone.

  • 35.9 million impressions
  • 55.9% lift in product interest
  • 145.9% lift in brand interest
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