How could we differentiate the Dunkin' packaged goods market from the core Dunkin' brand?


Digital, Social, TV, Website

In a new partnership with Smucker's, we needed to differentiate consumer-packaged goods from the Dunkin' restaurant brand.

To do this, we created a complimentary look and feel that brought new life, while still standing uniquely separate as an "at home" experience. 

The new branding included TV spots and a newly designed website, highlighting all of the key aspects of the campaign. The homepage design used a unique grid system and responsively scaled up and down beautifully on all screen sizes. Along with the new look and feel, we launched a new site experience, optimization techniques, and a new design system philosophy. The final result — a first-of-its-kind store locator, the fastest-loading site they've ever built, and a scalable design solution that launched ahead of schedule.

Dunkin At Home
  • 33% increase in page views
  • 28% increase in time spent on the page
  • 260% increase in clickthroughs

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