LG needed to increase awareness among mothers for their innovative home appliances, so we positioned them as mom’s coconspirator - helping her get stuff done. By tapping into the reality that moms are complicated, funny, amazing multitaskers, we created a humorous integrated campaign based on the inner thoughts and confessions of real moms. The “Inner Thoughts” campaign came to life through a dozen humorous TV spots, online videos, and an extensive digital and social initiative curated and shared through #MomConfessions on Tumblr.

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In 1968, Jay Hill, Alan Holliday, Jack Connors and Steve Cosmopulos founded an agency in Boston based on the principle that creativity could drive business. Forty five years later, we're still operating on that very same premise, albeit with a few more people. Today, there are more than 900 of us who work at Hill Holliday. Together, we are the 13th largest ad agency in the United States. It's very nice to meet you.