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How could we raise awareness of an annual sock drive?


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Rain-soaked feet. Ill-fitting shoes. Infections. Diabetes. They can all take a drastic toll on your feet when you’re forced to live on the street. And the nurses and physicians of the Boston Health Care For The Homeless Program see it every day, treating a huge range of ailments from trench foot to frostbite. However, one simple accessory can actually make a huge difference and help prevent most of these conditions: clean, white socks.

Partnering with the Red Sox Foundation, the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program created Sox for Socks, an annual sock drive that encourages fans to donate new, white athletic socks. To help raise awareness of the ongoing need, the creative team at Hill Holliday interviewed past and current BHCHP patients to get firsthand accounts of the hard realities of living on the street and not having access to clean socks. The campaign will air as TV spots in the Boston market and as online videos.

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