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How could we transform opinions around the opioid epidemic and legitimize the need for treatment programs?


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In 2018, the opioid crisis was the #1 killer of the Boston’s homeless community. It became clear that Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) needed an infrastructure to manage the volume of overdoses occurring daily in and around Boston’s Methadone Mile. 

A conference room turned triage center called Supportive Place for Observation and Treatment (SPOT) became a first-of-its-kind drop-in center that provides life-saving services, medical monitoring, harm-reduction support, and access to recovery treatment—all in a safe, non-judgmental setting. After meeting some of the SPOT patients, our campaign revealed itself: Boston’s Underdogs. These are people who aren’t expected to live, let alone come back from the brink of hopeless addiction and move on to participate meaningfully in the world. 

Through broadcast, digital, radio, and OOH, the campaign drove traffic to a microsite that delivered raw, emotional stories to help humanize — as well as destigmatize — Boston’s homeless population by providing insight into the struggles and successes these people have experienced as a result of their participation in SPOT. The Underdogs campaign helped to transform people’s opinions around the principles of harm reduction and help to legitimize the need for this type of treatment program in our communities.

Underdogs Responsive
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  • 8,000 website visits
  • 1 in 5 patients moved onto treatment
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