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How could we differentiate Harvard Pilgrim from its competitors?


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In 2012, many Americans felt helpless when it came to their health insurance coverage. Carriers seemed to play by their own set of rules — rules that inevitably worked in their own favor. 

But Harvard Pilgrim was different. In fact, it was the #1 health plan provider in the country. Empathetic, inclusive, and brilliant at the basics, Harvard Pilgrim did more than just cover claims. It was a true partner to its members on their journeys to being healthy.

The "Count Us In" campaign didn’t just say Harvard Pilgrim was different – it showed it with emotional and engaging work that conveyed the difference that partnerships can make in people’s lives. Our message went everywhere our target did – on TV and radio and in digital media, as well as gyms, supermarkets, pedicabs, train stations, and parades. And consumers helped it go further on social media, exclaiming “I love this commercial!” and #countusin in force.

Count Us In
  • 33% rise in brand familiarity
  • 31% increase in brand favorability
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