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How does a small, regional health insurance company break into the insurance capital of the world?


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In Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire, Harvard Pilgrim is now known as a different kind of health insurance company – one that’s a true partner to its members. But extending into Connecticut, a cluttered market with lots of national and regional carriers, meant building equity with consumers and employers from the ground up.

So we invited them to experience Harvard Pilgrim’s partnership firsthand by enjoying the Pedal Press, a towering, custom-built cider press on wheels. 

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Five bicycles affixed to the Rube Goldberg-like contraption power the process of making fresh apple cider – and it only works when all five riders pedal in unison. All the apples were grown in nearby orchards, underscoring Harvard Pilgrim’s commitment to partnership in local communities.

The Pedal Press debuted at NBC Connecticut’s Health and Wellenss Expo this past fall, where 175 volunteers pressed 3,500 local McIntosh apples into cider shared with 1,300+ onlookers – giving everyone a taste of Harvard Pilgrim’s partnership (and cider).

"The press is a HUGE hit! The crew of Hill folks couldn’t be more awesome! They very naturally represent our brand."

Kerith Kristel-Smith

Director, Corporate Branding & Advertising

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