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How do we change the way people think about John Hancock?


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John Hancock has always focused on the customer, showing a commitment to truly understanding their fears, hopes, worries, and concerns when it comes to finances. This approach of being transparent, honest, and real helped the brand earn trust.

While the execution of this simple idea — “trust through truth” — has changed over the years to reflect the sentiments of the time, it has always remained true to the core values of John Hancock’s brand.

Recently, we noticed a lot of innovation and momentum happening at John Hancock. We wanted to tell that story and shine the light a little more prominently on the new solutions being created across business units. To make consumers aware, we created an integrated campaign,“Different World,” that reflects how rapidly the world is changing around us, as well as how John Hancock is keeping pace with that change by identifying new approaches and breakthrough solutions for customers.

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Leading up to campaign development, we conducted due diligence that included an audit of John Hancock’s existing digital ecosystem along with stakeholder interviews and user research. This process revealed a fragmented system in which content and campaigns were misaligned, and where users were seeking greater consistency and connection across the brand’s ecosystem. Based on these findings we were able to identify areas of opportunity to streamline John Hancock’s campaign experience across channels and tactics.

The design and development of the integrated campaign was a true collaborative effort between experience design, development, analytics, media, and John Hancock’s technology team to deliver a streamlined, cross-channel experience. We knew that for our campaign to be about a changing world, we had to develop a holistic campaign ecosystem that was inclusive for everybody and all devices and that maintained John Hancock’s position as a consumer-centric brand.

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The campaign ecosystem we developed consisted of new creative across TV, digital, and social media that portrays Americans’ evolving notions of the meaning of family and the new realities of achieving and building wealth. The TV and digital media directed viewers to a digital content hub,, that was designed as a system to move consumers closer to the brand – from topics of general interest, to the brand’s role in those topics, to the brand’s product offerings. The content hub features both original content as well as articles, information, videos, and infographics through partnerships with The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Along the entire journey, retargeted media nurtured users who exited the content hub, driving them back to the site and into the next level of content — from general interest to brand, and from brand to product.

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With our robust media campaign, we knew that a lot of traffic to the content hub was going to be coming from mobile devices. To ensure that mobile users would have just as complete an experience as desktop users, we took a mobile-first approach to responsive design. By keeping in mind the content and functionality that is essential to users across all screen sizes we were able to be additive rather than subtractive with our responsive design. Rather than removing assets as the screen gets smaller, the site design allowed for larger assets to be added dynamically as the screen gets bigger. To achieve this, we built a custom content management tool to ensure that essential functionality and content focal points are displayed correctly for desktop, mobile, and even smart watch users. Additionally, to make the experience fully accessible to all users, we invested in building a content hub that is designed for screen reader compatibility and is WCAG 2.0 AA compliant.

The integrated campaign we developed maintained John Hancock’s position as a consumer-centric brand, while also changing the way people think about them through the introduction of new and innovative financial services solutions.

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