John Hancock


How could John Hancock overcome the message clutter and spend-related obstacles?


Digital, TV

In this integrated series of TV commercials, online videos, and web content, we are exposed to the ups and downs of real life. 

Like silent bystanders in the room, viewers witness these raw, emotional stories begin to take place.

But these spots do not resolve. Instead, at a pivotal moment, viewers are prompted to go to to see the ways life can unfold via multiple endings. In the midst of each ending, we introduce a compelling statistic to add further context and get people thinking about their own life preparedness.

The campaign delivered an integrated message, in tune with changing media consumption habits (i.e., “second screen,” social/digital behavior), and provided us with a higher level of measurability.

Life Next
  • 3 million site views
  • 4+ minutes spent on site
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